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VisitedCompared to
CityVeliky NovgorodSzczecin (PL)
(km) Distance from capitol
– directionNWNW
– in a straight line491494
– road589565
RegionNovgorod Oblast
Northwestern Federal District
West Pomeranian Voivodeship
(km²) Area90,08300,55
– in size3
(m) Altitude25 (center)-0,1—130,9
Population224 297403 274
– in size927
(people/km²) Population density2489,981347,1
FoundedVIII—IX centuryVII/VIII century
City from3.04.1243
Old namesдо 1999 — Novgorod


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City of Military Glory
View of St. Petersburg Street

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Administration of Novgorod

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Postal Service of Russia
You can see these mail vans throughout Russia


Riverboat in front of the Marine Center of Captain Varuhin N.G.

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Academic Drama Theater of Dostoyevsky F.M., founded in 1853

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The Electron Stadium

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The Rachmaninoff Hotel
Sergey Rachmaninoff, a composer who was the last great figure of the tradition of Russian Romanticism and a leading piano virtuoso of his time.

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The Bridge of Alexander Nevsky
who served as Prince of Novgorod in the 13th century during Kievan Rus period

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Интересный рассказ о древней истории города.


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