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CityVologdaBiałystok (PL)
(km) Distance from capitol
– directionNNE
– in a straight line409177
– road462219
RegionVologda Oblast
Northwestern Federal District
Podlaskie Voivodeship
(km²) Area116102,12
– in size11130
(m) Altitude120 (center)120–160
Population312 420297 459
– in size6510
(people/km²) Population density3433,192912
City from114727.07.1691
Old names


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The Monument to the heroes of the October Revolution and the Civil War of 1918, called The Tooth
The Administration of Vologda is on the left
The Revolution Square

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An old Hotel Sidorovskaya-Berlin

In the city center

The Vologda State University

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The City Palace of Culture

One of the many apartment buildings in the center.

Shopping center “Favorite”

Vologda by the Vologda River


The Administration of the Vologda Region

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City Council

What a lovely bench to sit on!

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The first electric lamp post in the city
and the first resident to mark his territory

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The Drama Theater

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Modern mural
Caution! Ice and snow may fall.
Such signs hang on almost every corner all year round.
Caution! Ice and snow may fall!
So many warnings!
Although summer is in full swing, sometimes you might want to look up to see if a layer of snow is about to fall on you.


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The song of Vologda


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